Somaliland Barwaaqo Political Association: Yey or Ney?

2023 is an election year in Somaliland. Two elections are due, party elections and presidential

Both are running behind schedule because of an ongoing constitutional crisis since Jan 2022 about which election comes first. The Bihi government and the opposition have different preferences and it is hard to explain what is really going on. Best place to learn more about this: my YouTube series on Somaliland Constitutional crisis.

In this blog post, I want to highlight a great and timely initiative by Geopolitics Africa Tv (GAT). GAT has run a couple of open Twitter Spaces with each political association leader where they ask common questions without any filters in an open fashion. I hope to see every party chairman come to this space and face really hard questions from the Somaliland Twitter community.

The last session was Barwaaqo led by Dr Mohamed Abdi Gaboose. You can listen to it here.

Before I start my position about Barwaaqo, I have to say Dr Mohamed talks like a leader and I admire his honesty, courage and how he treated everyone with respect.

Here are the issues that matter the most to me and how Dr Gaboose scores in my opinion

ISSUE#1: Taxing the rich and ending Somaliland's current tax haven status

  • Advocated for lower taxes ❌
  • No solid answer on tax policy (unrelated answers were given)❌

Score: 0/10

ISSUE#2: Ending talks with Somalia & pursuing Somaliland recognition from an in-depth understanding of international law

  • Strongly supports talks with Somalia ❌
  • Dr Gaboose believes he can change Somalia’s position ❌
  • Makes the big mistake that we need Somalia for our recognition ❌
  • He suggests once he is in power he can bribe his counterpart in Somalia! ❌

Score: 0/10

ISSUE#3: Leadership

  • Dr Gaboose has an unmatched Great legacy being part of SNM, Qaran party and an interior minister ✅
  • Dr Gaboose did not make any real reference to the party or their policy. A party member had to intervene and mention that not all answers are final and the party will produce its policy soon ❌

Score: 5/10

ISSUE#4: Somaliland Unity

  • Used direct, honest language to ensure the unity of Somaliland regardless of clan ✅
  • Dr Gaboose is a uniting figure ✅ Score: 10/10

ISSUE#5: Women's right

  • Gaboose refused to have women quota in parliament and mentioned that he is against all quota system including those based on clan
  • In the same session Dr Gaboose mentioned that they did use clan-based quota in Barwaqo leadership seats ❌

Score: 0/10

Other notes

  • On cyber security threats, the answer was off-topic and did not address the question.
  • His answer to a question on accountability and prosecuting the wrongdoings of the current Bihi administration was disappointing. Dr Gaboose refers this to as something of the past (although it is our present).
  • The events of 11 Aug require independent investigation. We have seen citizens being aimed at with lethal weapons without any provocation from the public or throwing stones. Dr Gaboose unfortunately only criticised one side and did not mention anything about police brutality and the gov excessive use of power.
  • In the question of Somaliland and Somalia talks, Dr Gaboose belittled the Somaliland genocide. The crimes were committed by the government of Somalia but Dr Gaboose’s comments went in the other direction saying “ the people who committed the crimes are not the current people of Somalia”. Dr Gaboose is saying this despite the fact there are many criminals roaming around in Somalia freely without prosecution.


Dr Gaboose has already contributed enough to Somaliland as a nation. It is time for him to retire. His ideas are outdated and do not belong to a new progressive Somaliland.

Again, to listen for the full recording of the Twitter space with Dr Gaboose, click here

Next on the list is Abdullahi Dahab, Chairman of Rajo political party on 24 Dec 2022. I hope GAT asks the same questions to compare all parties.