Defying Myths: The Parallel Paths of Galileo and Somaliland

Instead of thinking about the Roman Empire, how about if we reflect on Galileo Galilei in the 1500s, Galileo dared to refute that the Sun revolved around the earth, facing scorn for challenging such myth.

Leap to 2024: The narrative of Somaliland echoes this age-old battle. Despite showcasing robust self-governance, stability, democratic principles and unique history, it still faces global non-recognition, paralleling the scepticism Galileo faced

This contemporary oversight stems not from dogmatic beliefs but from a modern misunderstanding of international law and Somaliland's historical nuances since June 26, 1960, which is now similarly dogmatic to some.

But like the eventual acceptance of the earth revolving around the sun, the argument for Somaliland's recognition—rooted in historical sovereignty and proven governance—will be accepted Insha Allah!!

So, before labelling us as a "breakaway" or "secessionist" state, consider the possibility of being wrong.

Read up on the African Union's 2005 fact-finding mission, which underscores a significant narrative: Somaliland might have retained its independence continuously since 1960 (just like Baltic Republics)

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