Open call for Somaliland Democracy | BAAQA DIIMOQRAADIYADA SOMALILAND 2022

We, the Somaliland intellectuals who graduated from universities in our country and abroad, stand and advocate for more democratic Somaliland election laws.

Only a fair, open and transparent system will resolve current conflicts and guarantee wider participation in politics by the youth and regional Somaliland.

We should no longer stand on the sidelines. The new proposals for Law 14 from current political parties do not only aim to resolve their own conflict but they're overreaching to dictate the political future for all of Somaliland's next generations.

Therefore, we request the Somaliland Parliament, Guurti, Government, political parties and political associations to advance Somaliland democracy by the following actions as soon as possible:

  1. End 10-year monopoly on politics. Amend Law 14 such that political associations can be registered every 5 years.
  2. Demolish the need for Party elections. Instead, amend electoral laws such that political associations can participate in local, parliament or presidential elections depending on when the 5-year period ends.
  3. End the current political crisis by having a single presidential election that is open to all parties and associations. Two elections or dual elections are both more expensive to run.
  4. Adopt preferential voting in all elections.

    To learn more, watch this video that explains the reason behind this open call.

    Let's end the crisis but also prepare a better future for Somaliland.

    Your voice, and every other voice in Somaliland matters.

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