Open letter to media/IR: The Quad should consider supporting Somaliland in Melboune summit

Dear fellow Australian in media, International relations, diplomacy or foreign affairs,

In the following week, Australia is hosting the Quad meeting of foreign ministers in our city Melbourne. Since its inception, the goals of this alliance have included an open and free indo-pacific. Unfortunately, democracy and alliance with free democracies have not improved much since the last Quad meeting in Washington DC. We have seen how the Solomon islands for example switched its recognition from Taiwan to China and the chaos that followed.U

At the other end of the indo-pacific and in the red sea, there is Somaliland, a stable democracy and a friend of Taiwan. Somaliland is under the pressure of the wolf warrior diplomacy of China who is actively trying to turn Somaliland into another Solomon island, or even worse Somalia.

The US is interested in Somaliland, the UK is in love but it is Australia can be the first to recognise Somaliland due to the points I've mentioned above and more. IR experts believe Somaliland recognition is a question of when and not if.

I'm excited, how can I help

If you are an Australian newspaper, a researcher in our world-class think-tank or anything else in between, I offer to help you to create/co-author an artifact before or around the Quad meeting. Together we will open the eyes of the public to this important area of our national interest. As a Non-Resident Scholar at the Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies, Hargeysa Somaliland, I can provide more context, connections and materials that can facilitate your work along with a team of Australian Somalianders here in Melbourne. Just send me a DM in my Twitter account @haadka